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Gaza crisis "cannot be allowed" nor repeated - PLO member

NEW YORK, Sept 2 (KUNA) -- Member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's (PLO) Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi said Tuesday she is fully convinced the latest "tragic, horrific" assaults on Gaza, from carnages to massacres "cannot be allowed," but also "not to repeat itself." Ashrawi, who is also a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council told the press this latest tragic aggression did not come out of isolation, as it is part of a pattern of Israeli behavior which is repeated every 2-3 years. Such behavior she said, resulted in enormous violence and cruelty that targeted civilians.
Meanwhile in the West Bank, she said there has been a rapid increase of settlement activities, land and resources theft, land confiscation as well as ongoing policy of home demolition, ethnic cleansing, and daily killings is in action.
To deal with Gaza crisis in context, which became a "game changer," she said, concrete steps were needed, starting with opening of crossing points to allow relief aid to come in for emergency assistance because of the drastic situation.
Ashrawi stressed that Israel must respect signed agreements, and called for a link between Gaza and the West Bank, as well as banning Israel from territorial, demographic, and political occupation.
"We remain committed on ending the occupation, achieving a just peace, and insuring Palestinian freedom," she told the press.
Furthermore, the Palestinian official stressed on achieving "real peace," and noted that it "cannot be a US monopoly, it has to be multilateral and the responsibility of international community." Ashrawi said that envoys are sent to inform the US that "we need a clear commitment to the 1967 boundaries and to end the Israeli occupation within a specified timeframe - not open ended." She noted that the Arab League Foreign Ministers were going to discuss the "specific timeframe" for a peace process in their upcoming meeting in September 7th, in addition to Palestine's quest for a Security Council resolution on ending the occupation. (end) mao.bs