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Iraqi parties must unite against terrorism, reform gov't - France

PARIS, July 8 (KUNA) -- Political actors from all communities in Iraq must unite to fight the threat of terrorism in that country but also to agree on reforms and the creation of a National Unity Government, a senior official said here.
The Foreign Ministry spokesman, Romain Nadal, indicated that a senior French diplomat had criss-crossed Iraq last week to deliver that same message to all the different communities in the country.
Asked by KUNA if the message was "well-received," Nadal responded that "it (the message) was understood." "The Iraqi political actors must unite and form a national unity government. This message is even more topical today," Nadal said in a briefing.
"All the Iraqi parties must come together without delay around a common political project which includes all the communities. The crisis is not just about security, it is political," the official added.
He said that there was indeed a need to combat the "a terrorist threat" but also "the urgency to achieve political unity" and Iraq is facing these two obligations.
After originally postponing the decision for more than a month, the Iraqi parliament has agreed to reconvene in the coming days to examine the crisis, which has erupted after Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) forces swept through large parts of northern Iraq and moved southwards in an action that aimed to destabilise the government in Baghdad, which has since been fighting back. (end) jk.tg