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NA approves amendment on Constitutional Court law

KUWAIT, June 24 (KUNA) -- The National Assembly Tuesday approved, after the first and second deliberation, amendment of law 14/1973 on establishing the Constitutional Court.
The draft law states that a "natural" or "legal" person has right to file suit before the Constitutional Court to contest laws and regulations on grounds of violating the Kuwaiti Constitution. The second deliberation vote came out 35 in favor and nine abstentions, with 44 MPs present.
A new article is to be added to said law, which requires personal and direct interest on the part of the party filing suit. It would also state that it is required to obtain signature of three attorneys accredited with the Constitutional Court on the legal documents presented to the court.
The party filing suit is required to deposit a sum of KD 5,000 upon filing documents, and one such sum only is to be deposited when several parties file one petition, even if they provide different justifications for their legal suit.
Should legal counsel deem the suit unjustified, the sum is not to be returned, while a date is set for review of cases that are deemed justified.(end) kt.wsa