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Five MERS-infected camels found in Kuwait - official

KUWAIT, June 10 (KUNA) -- Five camels in Kuwait have been found infected with MERS coronavirus, the Public Authority for the Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources' (PAAAFR) Director General Jassem Al-Bader said on Tuesday.
The camels found infected have been identified and quarantined, and were found amongst 83 diagnosed specimens, said the official in a statement.
The authority has taken adequate precautionary measures and have summoned the herd owners to do the necessary in isolating the infected animals in order to prevent the infection from being transmitted elsewhere.
As a result of the findings, PAAAFR has held an urgent meeting with the Ministry of Health in order to agree steps aimed at monitoring these particular herds, in addition to coordinating on measures for other camel herds in the country.
The official ensured that PAAAFR will be carrying all procedures necessary under the guidelines on the matter set forth by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the World Health Organisation.
The authority will also be coordinating on the matter with its regional Gulf Cooperation Council partners. (end) mf.sd