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Flash floods kill over 70 N. Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, June 7 (KUNA) -- Over 70 people were killed in a latest wave of flash floods in the Guzargah-i-Noor district of northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan, said officials on Saturday.
The Deputy Governor of the province, Abdul Qadir Niazi in a statement said that Friday's evening torrential rains triggered massive floods that played havoc with the lives and properties in the district. He confirmed that more than seventy people have been killed so far.
The administrative chief of the district, Noor Mohammad Guzar feared that death toll has reached over 200 people with more than 100 houses washed away. An emergency meeting had been held to send a team of local authorities to the site to assess the losses and help the vulnerable. The district chief said that they had no facility to recover dead from the flooded area.
The town had been completely disconnected from the villages and the exact numbers of casualties are yet to be confirmed. Guzargah-i-Noor is located 120 kilometers from the provincial capital, bordering with the neighboring Takhar province. (end) sbk.hb