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Kuwait University wins Arab E-government Excellence Award

KUWAIT, May 24 (KUNA) -- Kuwait University (KU) won the E-Government Excellence Awards, member of Pan Arab Excellence Awards Academy, the university has unveiled.
In a press statement, the KU Spokesperson Faisal Maqseed said the KU official Twitter account, is run Electronic Publishing Section, won the best interactive platform of the category of official institutions and agencies' websites in Kuwait.
He noted the KU was nominated to the award by a specialized technical committee.
"This is an accomplishment for the Electronic Publishing Section at Public Relations and Information Department," Maqseed said, adding that KU Twitter account posts news, events and statements in both English and Arabic on a daily basis 24/7.
He went on to say that Kuwait University is proud of this regional media and IT achievement which came in the midst of global information technology revolution. (end) asa.ibi