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US urges Israeli investigation into shooting of Palestinian teens

WASHINGTON, May 20 (KUNA) -- A video that surfaced online showing four Palestinian teenagers being shot last week has prompted the US to urge an investigation by Israeli authorities.
Two of the teenagers died as they came under fire following their participation in demonstrations to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Nakba on May 15.
The Nakba is typically marked by demonstrations, as Palestinians recall the day Israel was founded on their land.
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) maintain that no bullets were used, but Israeli human rights group B'Tselem said its investigation found "strong evidence that live ammunition was used and that the fire hit the upper torsos of all four victims." On Tuesday, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the US is "closely following this incident and the video," and is "seeking additional information from the government of Israel.
"We look to the government of Israel to conduct a prompt and transparent investigation to determine the facts surrounding this incident, including whether or not the use of force was proportional to the threat posed by the demonstrators," she said.
According to B'Tselem, however, the security camera video "proves that at no stage were security forces endangered by any of the four victims, or by anyone close to them at the time of the shooting." Psaki expressed condolences to the teenagers' families, and called on "all parties to exercise restraint." (end) ys.bs