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Three Iraqis killed, 19 injured in attacks in Mosul

IRBIL, April 19 (KUNA) -- Three Iraqis were killed and 19 others injured in separate attacks that took place in various areas in Mosul, Nineveh Governorate, a security source said on Saturday.
A car bomb exploded near a military patrol at Sumar district, northern Mosul, killing two civilians and injuring eight others, including five soldiers, the source of the police in Mosul told KUNA.
An improvised explosive device targeting a female candidate's vehicle, went off in Al-Rashidiya town, northern Mosul, seriously injuring one bodyguard, the source said, adding that the candidate, Mudreka Ahmad of the Nineveh National Coalition, was not hurt.
In central Mosul, a group of unknown gunmen opened fire on a civilian's vehicle killing him instantly, he said. The gunmen planted an IED to the civilian's car, which exploded after the crowd gathered around the car, injuring five with multiple wounds. (end) sbr.ma