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NA committee discusses visit to central prison

 KUWAIT, April 10 (KUNA) -- National Assembly's Human Rights Committee on Thursday discussed members' visit to the central prison to examine prisoners' condition.
The committee rapporteur, MP Dr. Odah Al-Ruwaiee, said in a statement a number of prisoners are packed in a single cell. "The situation contradicts health and safety standards. Moreover, condition of the building is deteriorated." MP Ruwaiee, in a his statement to reporters, said "issue of drug trade and use in prisons has prompted the commission to inspect this issue." Members of the commission have agreed that the building location is "improper and must be relocated and use the plot of land for private housing, in addition to adoption of a proposal by the institute of correction sciences, habilitate working personnel and those freshly graduated from the military academy on how to act in the correction institutes." The parliamentary committee will visit Geneva, in May, to examine latest rules, namely those issued by international organizations, concerning in this realm. (end) sss.nsa.rk