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European Council tells Turkey "Youtube" ban is illegal

PARIS, March 28 (KUNA) -- The European Council's Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) on Friday warned Turkey that its decision to ban the popular video entity "Youtube" was "contrary to jurisprudence by the European Court of Human Rights" and it told Ankara it should stop blocking this internet outlet.
In a statement from Strasbourg, where PACE is located, Turkey was told that its ban "raises serious questions on the application of the internet law adopted last February" by authorities in Ankara.
PACE President Anne Brasseur said that Turkey's restrictions on freedom of expression need to be strictly designated in a clear framework.
"I call on the Turkish authorities to respect the decisions of the Court and to refrain from ordering such blocks on internet sites and social networks as this constitutes an attack on freedom of expression," Brasseur said in the statement.
The European Council called on Ankara to get their legislation and practices into conformity with European standards and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.
This should be done "without delay," she said.
The Council of Europe is composed of 47 nations, including Turkey, and it monitors human rights and democratic practices in its membership. (End) jk.ajs KUNA 281721 Mar 14NNNN