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Kuwait says ties with Iran "excellent, historic"

KUWAIT, Feb 11 (KUNA) -- Kuwait is keen on developing the "excellent and historic" relations with Iran, Foreign Undersecretary Khaled Al-Jarallah said Tuesday, noting the constant coordination between the two countries.
"I am very pleased with the development of the excellent relations between the two countries," Al-Jarallah told reporters on sidelines of a reception of the Iranian Embassy on the occasion of the National Day and the Islamic Revolution Day.
He said Iran was a "friendly and important" country and shouldered "big responsibilities" in the region.
"We consult and cooperate in all domains, and coordinate with Iran on boosting security and stability in the region, and there are many spaces of cooperation either at the regional or international level," he said.
Al-Jarallah said the Iranian leadership's "positive approach could be ... relied upon, and to develop it to a bright horizon for relations between countries of the region." On the Iranian announcement regarding talks with Kuwait and some GCC countries, Al-Jarallah said it was normal to have such talks. The Gulf and Iranian sides are keen on preserving good relations, he added.
On the agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group, Al-Jarallah said Kuwait has expressed complete relief for the interim deal and the steps within its framework, "which paves ways for the development of this agreement coupled with seriousness by the Iranian side to implement it." Asked about the continental shelf between Kuwait and Iran, Al-Jarallah said "this file has not been finalized yet but the willingness of the two countries and keenness on bilateral ties will finalize this file soon." There is an understanding and there shall be future meetings to discuss the sticky issues including the continental shelf, he added.
On the invitation to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to visit Iran, Al-Jarallah "we are looking forward that His Highness the Amir visit Iran which, if it takes place, will be the culmination of contacts, talks and meetings between the two sides, and a very important addition to the historic and excellent relations between Kuwait and Iran." Asked about Kuwait's concern from Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor, Al-Jarallah said Kuwait was relying on the Iranian measures to gaurantee the safety of the reactor.
Al-Jarallah was asked about the foreign ministry's meeting with the parliamentary foreign affairs committee regarding the Gulf security agreement, and said the two sides discussed the agreement in details. He added that the agreement would be tabled for voting in the house next month.
On whether the security agreement contravenes with the constitution, Al-Jarallah said the first article of the agreement "talks about superiority of national legislations foremost the constitution over the security agreement.
" He called for reading the agreement in an "objective and thorough" manner.
"Whoever reads the agreement carefully will realize there is a phrase saying 'in line with national legislations' that is mentioned five times ... which affirms that there cannot be a violation or ignorance or cancellation of the national legislations topped by the constitution," he said.
Al-Jarallah, meanwhile, described the GCC-Russian strategic dialogue, which would be held on February 18, as "important and vital," during which the two sides discuss regional and international issues of mutual interest.
He, however, said Kuwait was in constant contact with the Arab League to finalize the agenda of the upcoming Arab summit. (end0 hrz.bs KUNA 120130 Feb 14NNNN