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Algeria''s oldest man dies at age 130

ALGIERS, Jan 12 (KUNA) -- Algeria's oldest man Mubarak Muammar Rahmani died Sunday at the age of 130 after suffering from stomach illness.
According to the state news agency (APS), Rahmani was born in 1884 in Al Oued Province, south of Algiers, near the Algerian-Libyan borders.
Rahmani entered the hospital for the first time in his life just two years ago. He had married three times and had nearly 100 grandsons and granddaughters.
He witnessed the first and second world wars, the Algerian revolution against the French occupation, the global economic crisis of 1929, Arab defeat in 1948 in Palestine, the joy of Algeria's independence in 1962 and different times of prosperity and hardship in Algeria. (end) ft.ksj.ibi KUNA 122240 Jan 14NNNN