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Syrian opposition says truce reached in Barzeh in Damascus

DAMASCUS, Jan 5 (KUNA) -- Syrian opposition factions said on Sunday a truce was reached between regular forces and opposition fighters to stop infighting in Barzeh Neighborhood in Damascus.
The truce, which has capped several days of negotiations between both sides, includes giving food supplies access, allowing civilians to return home and setting detainees free, the factions said in a release.
Also under the deal, fighters can keep their weapons and maintain control over the neighborhood, while regular forces can control main roads leading up to the areas, they added.
Meanwhile, 200 gunmen from the Syrian Free Army and Jabhat Al-Nusra gave themselves up to the Syrian Arab Army in Barzeh neighborhood in the city of Damascus, Syria's official news agency (SANA) quoted a military source as saying.
The 200 gunmen handed over their weapons to the army units, it said, adding that the units entered the neighborhood, took over the gunmen's heavy weapons and dismantled many explosive devices that had been planted near the citizens' houses. (end) tk.mt KUNA 052340 Jan 14NNNN