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Kuwaiti figure: institutional effort to solve European Muslims problems

Kuwaiti Islamic scholar Dr. Mohammad Al-Awadi
Kuwaiti Islamic scholar Dr. Mohammad Al-Awadi
(With photo) GENEVA, Dec 26 (KUNA) -- Coordination within the institutional level will help European Muslims to overcome challenges and problems facing them in their communities, said Kuwaiti Islamic scholar Dr. Mohammad Al-Awadi here Thursday.
Speaking to KUNA on the sideline of the conference for the Swiss Islamic Shura Central Council, Al-Awadi told KUNA Muslims should clarify their position on issues pertaining to problems connected to education, housing, and work in Europe.
Al-Awadi said that Muslims in European should counter argue racist propaganda and Islamophbia supported and spread by the right-wing parties.
Not reacting to the right-wing would damage the image of Islam in Europe, said Al-Awadi who called Muslims in Switzerland and Europe to use institutional channels and means to refute false claims against them.
Muslims in Europe should be judged by how they abide by the laws in their respective countries and not by their religion and faith, said Al-Awadi.
The Swiss Islamic Shura Central Council's conference, held between December 21-27, is witnessing the participation of 2,300 Islamic figures from European and the world. (end) ta.gta KUNA 261333 Dec 13NNNN