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Gulf Leaders announce establishment of Joint Military Command, Gulf Police

Gulf Leaders announce establishment of Joint Military Command, Gulf Police
Gulf Leaders announce establishment of Joint Military Command, Gulf Police
KUWAIT, Dec 11 (KUNA) -- In a big step forward to consolidate Gulf joint security, Arab Gulf leaders agreed Wednesday on the establishment of a joint military command and police.
"The Supreme Council agreed on the establishment of the joint military command to the GCC member states and assigned the Joint Defense Council to take necessary measures to put this agreement into effect according to the relevant studies," read the final statement of the 34th Summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The Gulf leaders have also approved a proposal for setting up the Gulf Academy for Strategic and Security Studies and welcomed the UAE proposal to host it.
"The Supreme Council also gave the green light for completing the project of the secure communications." The Gulf leaders ratified the decisions of the Joint Defense Council of the GCC member states and expressed appreciations of the executive measures taken to bolster joint military action.
"The latest of which was the GCC Defense Ministers' laying of the foundation stone of the coordination center for maritime security in the Kingdom of Bahrain," the statement said.
On the inter-GCC security, the Gulf leaders agreed on the foundation of a joint Gulf police force.
"The Supreme Council ratified the draft resolutions to establish a joint Gulf police force, stressing that the new body will boost security and help expand security and anti-terror cooperation and coordination among member states," the statement added.
The Gulf leaders endorsed the resolutions taken by the GCC interior ministers in their 32th meeting in Bahrain in November.
They also reiterated their firm stances against terrorism and extremism in all their forms regardless of their motivations or sources. They also lauded the executive measures taken to put into effect their anti-terror resolutions.
"The Supreme Council also voiced support to all regional and international efforts aiming to counter terrorism and terrorist organizations," it said.
They also underscored the importance of the complete implementation of the relevant resolutions of the international and regional organizations and conferences.
The Supreme Council of the GCC is the highest authority of the organization. It is composed of the heads of the member-states. Its presidency rotates periodically among the member states in alphabetical order. It meets in an ordinary session each year. Extraordinary sessions may be convened at the request of any one member-state seconded by another member state.
The GCC is a political and economic alliance of six Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. The GCC was established in May 1981. The purpose of the GCC is to achieve unity among its members based on their common objectives and their similar political and cultural identities. (end) kt.ibi KUNA 111332 Dec 13NNNN