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Four Syrians killed in mortar attack in Damascus

DAMASCUS, Nov 29 (KUNA) -- A mortar shell exploded in front of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, claiming the lives of four Syrians and injuring 26 others, Syrian news agency (SANA) said on Friday.
A report by the Public Authority for the Syrian Revolution said that Brigadier Ghayath Marhaj, the commander of the 93 brigade was killed in Ain Issa village, east of the capital, during a raid by rebels on the city, more specifically on barracks for Syrian regime forces.
The Syrian regime forces targeted the city of Al-Reqa with a Scud missile, causing panic and damage to many houses, injuring dozens but without death casualties.
In Aleppo, the Public Authority for the Syrian Revolution said three media figures disappeared after covering Qadhi Asskar massacre.
On another front, Salah Ad-Deen area in the city witnessed heavy clashes between the Syrian Freedom Army and regime forces, which resulted in killing five soldiers of the regime forces at Al-Amouri crossing.
Qalmon cities woke up this morning to a massacre carried out by regime forces during after a raid into the town of Deir Attiya which claimed the lives of 25 people, including two women and a child, according to the revolution authority regime forces carried out field executions amid raids and searches operations and burning of houses.
In Daraa south of the country rebels blowup buildings used by regime forces amid violent clashes continuing in the region.
Heavy clashes between the two sides also took place in Hama and Lattakia. (end) tk.mb KUNA 292252 Nov 13NNNN