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Kuwait International Book Fair attracts big numbers of visitors

KUWAIT, Nov 23 (KUNA) -- Senior Censor and Head of the Foreign Books Department at the Ministry of Information Dalal Al-Mutairi said that Kuwait International Book Fair attracts big numbers of visitors who seek new publications in the book world.
Al-Mutairi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Saturday, on the sidelines of the 38th fair, that Kuwait enjoys a great amount of freedom when it comes to books, which is one of the reasons behind the fair's continuous success. She added that despite the fact that all information is now available on the internet, yet people still tend to read books, and publishers pay huge attention to the types of books that would attract readers.
She noted that it's not possible to apply traditional censorship to the internet now with information technology allowing people to read censored books. Al-Mutairi explained that the censored books are very few, including those containing blasphemy, books that would cause religious tensions between people with different beliefs, and books that may negatively affect the country's political or economic side.
Al-Mutairi said that all countries around the world have censorship laws to protect the stability of their societies. (end) nas.ag KUNA 231515 Nov 13NNNN