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Riyadh hosts Arab news agencies conf. Sunday

SPA President Abdullah Bin Fahad Al-Hussein during the press conference
SPA President Abdullah Bin Fahad Al-Hussein during the press conference
RIYADH, Nov 16 (KUNA) -- Saudi Minister of Culture and Information and Board Chairman of the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohiuddin Khojah is to open the 41st Conference of the General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies here on Sunday.
The two-day conference is expected to consider a number of issues mainly concerning the assessment of the federation's past work and a future plan for its activities.
SPA President Abdullah Bin Fahad Al-Hussein underscored in a statement the fact that the conference coincides with the convening of the fourth international conference of news agencies due here on Monday.
He stressed the need for the active participation of the Arab news agencies in this international conference.
He highlighted the federation's achievements in boosting effective cooperation among Arab news agencies and the programs and activities carried out by the federation, emphasizing the kingdom's support for the federation.
He pointed out that the General Assembly of the federation will study media topics concerning Arab cooperation; training and development of manpower; improvement of the performance of Arab news agencies; keeping up with developments in media; cooperation between the Arab news agencies and their regional and international counterparts; and a number of administrative, financial and regulatory matters, wishing success for the federation and good results for the conference. (end) yms.mt KUNA 161655 Nov 13NNNN