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Kuwait TV celebrates 52nd anniversary

KUWAIT, Nov 14 (KUNA) -- Since its inception as mouthpiece of the Ministry of Information on November 15, 1961, Kuwait TV has witnessed constant development and growing influence regionally and internationally.
The TV, which will celebrate its 52nd anniversary tomorrow Friday, started transmission in black and white for four hours a day from a small station in the eastern district of Kuwait City (now known as Sharq neighborhood) as early as in 1957, but the official broadcasting started four years later.
The broadcasting station's capacity was no more than 10 kilowatts before its channels grew in number and specialization to include Arabic-, and English-, speaking broadcasts.
The government of the late Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah (1950-1965) had taken serious steps to transform the station into a media edifice equipped with the latest studios, production facilities, vehicles and cameras which enabled covering the local, regional and international events as well as producing various drama and entertainment programs.
Due to the Iraqi invasion in 1990, live transmission from Kuwait stopped and resumed on February 28, 1992, after the liberation.
On March 7, 1992, Kuwait TV started a new era of development in the post-liberation rebuilding of the country; its live broadcasts started with just an hour daily and then increased gradually to 16 hours a day within just one month.
Kuwait satellite TV channel started transmission on July 4, 1992, and channel 4 opened on November 1, 1993.
Channel 4 broadcast around the clock alongside with Channel 1 temporarily before replacing channel 1.
Later on the Ministry of Information opened six channels which air via several satellites. (end) na.abd.gb KUNA 142046 Nov 13NNNN