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Suicide attacks kill 22 security officers N. Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Nov 7 (KUNA) -- Twenty two Iraqi security officers were killed, among them a captain, and 26 others injured in coordinated suicide attacks following an armed assault using machine guns targeting a military camp north of the capital Thursday.
A security source from Baghdad Operations Command told KUNA that the suicide bombers detonated two cars they were driving against the headquarters of the 22nd Brigade of the Iraqi Army in Al-Tarmiya area, north of Baghdad.
The source added that a third explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber strapped with explosives targeting soldiers who were rushing to the scene, while gunmen attacked police and the military headquarters at the gate before a gun battle erupted in the area.
The source noted that the result of the coordinated attacks killed 22 security officers, all are police and army personnel, including an officer with the rank of captain.
Iraqi security forces imposed a curfew in the attack area, boosted security measures as a result of the deteriorating security situation there.
Earlier, unknown armed men assassinated the wife of Al-Tarmiya "Sahwa" (Awakening) commander Saeed Al-Jassem after storming his house north of the capital. (end) mhg.mb KUNA 080052 Nov 13NNNN