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Four Iraqi soldiers killed, 11 servicemen injured in Mosul

BAGHDAD, Sept 16 (KUNA) -- Four Iraqi soldiers were killed and 12 servicemen were injured in a series of explosions in northern Mosul, at a time gunmen detonated 22 explosive devices in Ninawa, a security source said.
The source from Ninawa operations command told KUNA that police killed a suicide bomber who wanted to blow himself up inside an army unit in Ninawa province.
Brigadier Ismail Jabbouri, Ninawa security chief, and 11 of his soldiers were seriously injured when a suicide attacker blew himself up near their motorcade, said the source. Security forces cordoned off the area and imposed a curfew.
Four soldiers were killed when an explosive device attached to their vehicle exploded in downtown Mosul.
Unknown gunmen detonated bombs near 22 houses of policemen and army soldiers in southern Mosul, while three civilians were injured in bomb blasts in eastern Mosul.
Meanwhile, army forces killed a suicide bomber at a checkpoint eastern Mosul earlier in the day.
An Iraqi soldier and merchant were killed in different violent actions, said the sources. (end) mhg.bs KUNA 170040 Sep 13NNNN