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Iran, Iraq reiterate rejection to military action in Syria

TEHRAN, Sept 14 (KUNA) -- Speakers of Iranian and Iraqi parliaments, Ali Larijani and Osama Al-Nujaifi respectively, reiterated on Saturday rejection to any military intervention in Syria.
"The points of view of the two sides were identical regarding Syria and asserts importance of the political solution of the Syrian crisis," Larijani told a joint news conference with Al-Nujaifi.
He said the Iraqis have ideas regarding cooperation in the region "and we discussed an initiative raised by speaker Al-Nujaifi regarding Syria, and we also discussed the terrorists and extremists in Iraq and region." Al-Nujaifi said the appropriate solution "is in the withdrawal of militants from Syria, organizing free elections and defusing sectarianism which began to spread in the region." He said the military intervention in Syria would "spread war to regional countries and Iraq will be the first affected." Al-Nujaifi, who arrived here earlier today, said the Western countries wanted to disarm the Syrian weapons for the sake of Israel, not to salvage the Syrian people.
He said the Iraqi initiative was about establishing a ceasefire, withdrawal of foreign fighters and holding elections. (end) mw.bs KUNA 142239 Sep 13NNNN