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Kuwait first time ever to host Squash World Cup 2015

،uwaiti Squash Federation Logo
،uwaiti Squash Federation Logo
KUWAIT, Sept 5 (KUNA) -- Kuwait will host the 2015 World Squash Cup tournament (2015), for the first time in the country's history, Kuwait Squash Federation announced on Thursday.
The federation announced in a statement winning the rights to organize the Squash World Cup 2015. It will be the first time ever to host such major tournament which is sponsored by the World Squash Federation (WSF), and organized by one of the Arabian Gulf states.
The Secretary of Kuwait Federation Fayiz Al-Mutairi told KUNA that this decision was taken at WSF's executive office meeting, currently being held in Argentina.
Al-Mutairi added Kuwait's hosting of such a major sports event will increase the spread of this sport, especially among young people and youth.
Al-Mutairi noted that the Kuwaiti Federation faced strong competition from Argentina and the UK; both were keen to have the honor of hosting this event, however Kuwait's distinguish record of the sport had the greatest impact and resulted in winning a decision by the WSF to hold it in the Gulf country.
The Kuwaiti official also mentioned that facilities such as Sheikh Salem Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah Squash complex, which includes squash glass courts as well as the Federation's successful experience in organizing many of the major squash tournaments, most recently Asia Cup teams in 2012, were other favourable factors.
Kuwait twice hosted the Asian championships and in 1997; first launched the Kuwait Open, a major PSA World Tour event which has continued to attract the world's leading players.
In 2009, Kuwait staged the PSA World Championship at Green Island Resort.
"Squash has a long and flourishing history in Kuwait and we have already held major World Tour events featuring both men and women's championships as well as the Men's World Individual Championship," said a spokesman for the Kuwait Squash Federation.
"We are now honored to have been selected to host the top 32 teams in the world in two years' time." WSF President N Ramachandran welcomed Kuwait as a new host of its premier team event: "Kuwait Squash not only has high quality facilities but now also abundant experience at staging major squash events, which is why I am delighted that we have chosen Kuwait to host this Championship, it is a fantastic, exciting event and will be much anticipated." (end) fsa.mb KUNA 052057 Sep 13NNNN