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UNHCR: Emergency plan for more Syrian refugees in Lebanon

By Omar Al-Halabi

BEIRUT, Aug 29 (KUNA) -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced Thursday that the number of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon rose from 703,000 to 708,000 in just five days, and an emergency plan has been set up in cooperation with the Lebanese government to accommodate more.
UNHCR's media official Dana Suleiman told KUNA that an emergency plan to accommodate more Syrian refugees has been taken should the western alliance decide on a military strike against Syria.
She added that the emergency plan includes provision of food, rent allowance, as well as securing new shelter areas, register the children in schools, and offer what necessary medical tests resources allow, she explained.
This is all done in coordination with the Lebanese government and international partners of the UNHCR, she said, adding that the infrastructure in Lebanon is not eligible to receive such a large number of refugees.
Suleiman called on the international community to provide more support for the UN High Commissioner indicating that the UN High Commissioner got only 27 percent of sums in the appeal launched recently, needed to provide aid for the displaced.
She reiterated Lebanon is currently under extreme pressure of continued influx of more of displaced Syrians while the number in Lebanon already exceeds the capacity of the country's infrastructure.
Lebanon did not close the door before those seeking refuge, she pointed out in appreciation, and took certain security measures at the border points and in no way hindered flow of humanitarian aid and personnel.
Suleiman explained that the office of the United Nations is preparing to receive even more displaced especially in the Bekaa and northern regions.
Humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians comes from UNHCR, Danish Refugee Council (DRC), World Food Programme, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in addition to a number of Arab charities, including Kuwait's Zakat House.
The Lebanese President Michel Suleiman chaired a ministerial meeting Wednesday to discuss the measures taken in case of a strike on Syria, and the measures focused on finding shelter for the new wave of Syrians fleeing for their lives.(end) ah.ss KUNA 291327 Aug 13NNNN