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Pakistan accuses India of injuring 5 civilians across LoC

ISLAMABAD, Aug 27, (KUNA) -- The Pakistani authorities have accused Indian troops across the Line of Control (LoC) of injuring five civilians in the Nakial sector of Pakistan side of Kashmir.
According to security officials, Indian troops kept shelling Oli Panjni and Narrala Turkundi region during the day and the firing continued on Monday night wounding five civilians. The tensions between India and Pakistan increased after the killing of five Indian soldiers on the Indian side of Kashmir. India accused Pakistan military to be involved in the attack but Pakistan Foreign office rejected the allegations.
A ceasefire was agreed upon by India and Pakistan in 2003 and the allegations of breaching the ceasefire came from both sides after the recent attack on Indian troops. The Pakistani authorities said that twenty-five civilians have been injured by the Indian shelling in Nakial and Tatta Pani sectors of Kotli district over the past 11 days. A woman lost her life in the process.
Moreover, the Minister for Food Javed Iqbal Budhanvi of Pakistan administered Kashmir led a "stability of Pakistan" rally in Nakial to express solidarity with the Pakistan Army and sympathy with the families affected by the Indian shelling. According to local media reports, the rally was attended by a large number of people and local leaders. (end) sbk.gta KUNA 271439 Aug 13NNNN