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Ashton says UNSC role crucial to resolve Syrian crisis

BRUSSELS, Aug 27 (KUNA) -- EU High Representative Catherine Ashton has stressed that the UN inspectors who are in Syria must be able to examine the evidence as quickly as possible and reach clear conclusions about the reports of the chemical attack in Damascus on Wednesday.
"Of course the Security Council is extremely important in this. It is the role of the Security Council to look and see how the international community can and should respond but that does not excuse the rest of us from considering very carefully what we need to do," she said in press statements after a meeting with Foreign Minister of Estonia, Urmas Paet, in Tallinn Monday evening.
Her statements were released to the press by her office in Brussels Tuesday. "The position that I have laid out for well over a year is that ultimately we have to find a political process that is going to bring peace and security to Syria and we have talked often about Geneva Two," she said.
"The continuation of the process that began in Geneva - the venue is irrelevant, the process is what matters - and in my conversations with both the United States and with Russia I have said that more than ever we need to find a way to stop this violence for all time and we need to find a way that is going to bring peace and security back to the people," said the EU foreign policy chief.
"Of course, a lot of countries are considering very carefully the implications of this attack but as yet I don't think there have been any decisions made," stated Ashton.
" However, as I have said before the most important thing in the end is we have to find a political solution to this and quickly," she added. (end) nk.asa KUNA 271346 Aug 13NNNN