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UN team taking samples of Maadamiyah chemical attack - eyewitness

(Changing dateline) DAMASCUS, Aug 26 (KUNA) -- UN inspectors are said to be taking samples from victims of a chemical attack on civilians close to a mosque in the Reef Damascus area of Maadamiyah, to the west of Damascus, said opposition activists on Monday.
"International investigators have crossed a state security forces checkpoint at the entrance of the Maadamiyah and have headed to a clinic," one of the activists, whose identity cannot be revealed, told reporters.
"They are currently carrying out their role in taking pictures and notes and are speaking to patients, accompanied by their personal security guards, who are fully equipped with sheilds, helmets and telecommunication equipment," added the eyewitness.
This comes after the vehicle transporting the international team was shot at by unidentified snipers as they were headed to this site. The team had to exchange vehicles after it received damage in the incident. (pickup previous) tk.sd KUNA 262106 Aug 13NNNN