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Al-Hashash chosen for 5th time to judge smart content award
26/08/2013 | LOC16:13
13:13 GMT
| Kuwait News
تصغير الخطالشكل الأساسيتكبير الخط
Kuwaiti Engineer Manar Al-Hashash
Kuwaiti Engineer Manar Al-Hashash
By Zahra Al-Kazimi KUWAIT, Aug 26 (KUNA) -- For the fifth consecutive time, the World Summit Award has chosen Kuwaiti Engineer Manar Al-Hashash to be one of the judges that will select the best e-content and most innovative applications at an event that will be held in the Estonian capital of Tallin.
WSA is an award that promotes smart content and awards e-content that contributes to a true knowledge society and promotes it at a global congress. The three-day event, held from August 29-31, will bring together 16 renowned multimedia experts from all parts of the world: United States, Russia, China, Holland, Singapore, India, Ghana, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who have backgrounds in creative industries, telecommunication, advertising, journalism and research, as well as in teaching.
The panel will judge the best contents and most innovative applications. All nominated products from each country are evaluated in a three-round judging process, and subsequently, the 40 world's best e-contents and applications are selected.
Al-Hashash is taking pride in choosing her for the fifth time consecutively to be in judging panel of well-renowned technology experts from around the world. "To be chosen to sit among these experts is definitely brings pride to oneself," she told KUNA on Monday. "It is, no doubt, a huge responsibility to evaluate and select the most outstanding e-content amongst many other original applications," she said.
More than 500 e-content, from 130 countries, will be presented in this event. Kuwait is participating with seven e-projects.
She noted that WSA has eight categories that reflect the most crucial social issues of every-day life. These categories are: e-Government and pen Data, e-Health and Environment, e-Learning and Science, e-Entertainment and Games, e-Culture and Tourism, e-Media and Journalism, e-business and Commerce and e-Inclusion and Empowerment.
"Zakat House" is to compete in the e-Government and Open Data categories, Al-Hashash went on saying. "Beatona" Kuwait's official electronic environment website is to participate in the e-Health and Environment category, 'Kuwaiti Engineer for Construction and Decoration" is nominated for the e-learning and Science category, "Majedphotos" is named for e-Entertainment and Games category, "Kuwait Dhows" is to engage in the e-Culture and Tourism list, "Sheeel.com" also is named in e-Business and Commerce group. Lastly, "Directaid" website is nominated to participate in the e-Inclution and Empowerment section of the award.
The Kuwaiti engineer expressed her appreciation to the Kuwaiti leadership for an unconditional support to those who are interested in science and technology, whether they are institutions or individuals. (end) zak.ysa.nfm KUNA 261613 Aug 13NNNN
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