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Egyptian security arrests Safwat Hijazi

CAIRO, Aug 21 (KUNA) -- Interior Ministry forces succeeded in arresting Muslim Brotherhood leader Safwat Hijazi, a senior source told MENA news agency on Wednesday, after a tip off that he had intended to head to the Egyptian-Libyan borders.
Upon receiving the tip, Interior Minister Assistant for General Security Major General Ahmed Hilmi notified Interior Minister Major General Mohamed Ibrahim who ordered immediate coordination with authorities in Marsa Matruh. Several stationary and mobile ambushes were set up and Hijazi was arrested along with another person in his company. All legal measures have been taken and the Public Prosecution is to carry out its investigations.
Meanwhile, security at Cairo Airport arrested official "Freedom and Justice Party" Spokesman Murad Ali, who had also intended to leave the country and was to board an Italian plane headed for Rome.
A security source said Ali had shaved his beard and changed his appearance, but was still identified at the airport.
These arrests come short on the heels of the arrest of top Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie on Tuesday.
Egyptian regimes have harassed and some say "repressed" the Muslim Brotherhood for most of its existence, but this is the first time the group's top leader and Supreme Guide is touched.(end) asm.wsa KUNA 211013 Aug 13NNNN