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Egyptian Apache struck Jihadists in Rafah Friday - official

CAIRO, Aug 10 (KUNA) -- A security official said on Saturday an Egyptian Apache, accompanied by a Gazelle, attacked and killed four "Jihadists" to the south of Rafah city, Sinai Peninsula, northeast Egypt, yesterday.
The airstrike targeted a site where three missiles were prepared for launching into Egypt, the source told the state-run MENA news agency.
He noted that eyewitnesses verified that the planes were Egyptian ones.
He refuted the press reports that the attack was launched by an Israeli drone that breached the airspace of Egypt as part of bilateral security coordination.
Shortly after the attack the Spokesman of the Armed Forces Col. Ahmad Ali ruled out any security coordination with Israel and refuted categorically that Israel launched the attack inside the Egyptian territories between the border marks 10 and 11, south Rafah. (end) asm.gb KUNA 102144 Aug 13NNNN