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More blasts rock Iraq, toll at 69 dead, injured

BAGHDAD, July 29 (KUNA) -- The country was rocked by yet another series of blasts on Monday with explosions in Basra, Muthanna, and Wasit Governorates in southern Iraq, with eight people reported killed and another 61 injured.
Iraqi Police sources told KUNA five people were killed and another 30 injured in a car explosion near a bus stop in the heart of Wasit Governorate's biggest city, Al-Kout.
Another two people were also killed and 20 injured in two car explosions in Muthanna Governorate's biggest city, Samawah.
In Basra, a car also exploded and killed one person and injured 11 others near the city's five-mile market area.
The sources said the tally is based on initial reports and the toll could go up as many of the injured are in critical condition.(end) ahh.wsa KUNA 291146 Jul 13NNNN