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Health tourism expands in Turkey

(With photos) ISTANBUL, July 27 (KUNA) -- Turkey is attracting large numbers of patients from all over the world, seeking medical care in private hospitals, with thousands of health tourists visiting the country each year.
Dr Ilker Erdogan who works in a private hospital in Istanbul, told KUNA on Saturday that many foreigners prefer to be treated in Turkey in different departments like orthopedic, urology, heart surgery, ophthalmology, back and neck surgery, hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, dental care, gynecology, and nose, ear, and throat surgery, along with other medical departments.
Experts say that patients choose Turkey for medical care due to the moderate costs in hospitals, with the presence of experienced doctors, the nice weather, and the chance to see the country's tourist attractions.
Health tourism in Turkey had increased in the last three years, with the number of patients reaching 74,093 tourists, and 250,000 last year.
Turkey aims to attract about 500,000 tourists by the year 2015 to gain a USD seven billion in income, while raising the number to two million tourists by 2023, in the country's 100th foundation anniversary, gaining USD 20 billion.
Istanbul, Kayseri, Adana, and Gaziantep, are the most attractive cities for health tourists, putting Turkey among the 10 largest health tourism destinations in the world. Moreover, patients from Germany, Holland, and France, form the majority of the health tourists in Turkey, followed by Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan.(end) ta.ag KUNA 271457 Jul 13NNNN