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Morsi imprisoned for 15 days on pending investigations

Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi
Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi
CAIRO, July 26 (KUNA) -- Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi will be imprisoned for 15 days after a Cairo court said it would be confronting him with several accusations, including murder.
The list of accusations assigned to Morsi includes collaborating with Hamas to carry out hostile acts in the country, attacks on police, officers and army facilities, as well as storming into and vandalizing prisons, according to Middle East News Agency (MENA).
The list also includes deliberately torching Wadi Natrun prison, enabling prisoners and himself (Morsi) to escape prison, destroying prison records, storming into police stations, vandalizing public buildings and property, the willful deliberate and premeditated killing of a number of prisoners, officers and soldiers and the abduction of some of them.
Meanwhile, some 25 central police divisions and dozens of tanks and armored vehicles have been deployed accross Cairo in anticipation of pro and anti Morsi protests scheduled to take place on Friday, an Egyptian senior security official was quoted by MENA as saying.
The central security forces have been heavily deployed to secure the demonstrations in coordination with the armed forces, said the official, who added that the Assistant Interior Minister for the central security forces, General Ashraf Abdullah, has issued directives to put soldiers out of vacation and on high alert. (end) zab.ba KUNA 261327 Jul 13NNNN