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Syria says determined to implement political prog. to address conflict

DAMASCUS, July 23 (KUNA) -- Syrian prime minister Wael Al-Halqi said Tuesday his government was keen on implementing its political program in order to address the crisis in the country, which has been ongoing since March 2011.
Al-Halqi, during a meeting with Mukhtar Lamani, chief of staff of the international representative to Syria, said the "Syrians were determined" to implement the political program because it was the "only" solution for the conflict in the country, a government statement said.
He said the Syrian government was ready to attend the Geneva II meeting without previous conditions.
The Syrian government, he added, was open on all international initiatives that would end the conflict but without preconditions or dictations.
Lamani was quoted by official news agency (SANA) as saying the Syrian conflict would only be solved politically.
He rejected the terrorist acts committed by the armed groups against the Syrian people. Lamani thanked the Syrian government for offering aid for the Syrian people. (end) tk.bs KUNA 232254 Jul 13NNNN