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Syrian opposition condemns use of chemical weapons

ISTANBUL, July 22 (KUNA) -- The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces has condemned the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons against the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.
"The Syrian Coalition condemns the use of chemical weapons by Assad's forces in the Yarmouk Camp," the umbrella opposition group said in a press statement.
"According to video footage uploaded by activists inside the capital, Damascus, Assad's forces are using chemical and toxic gas bombs to shell the Yarmouk Palestinian Camp. The strategic, systematic use of chemical weapons in order to achieve military gains only proves the desperate state that Assad's regime has reached." It demanded the international community intervene to protect the civilians against Bashar Al-Assad's systematic use of chemical weapons.
"The Syrian Coalition further urges the international community to intercede in order to protect the civilians against Assad's systematic use of chemical weapons. The Syrian Coalition reminds the US - that pledged a serious, strong response to Assad's use of chemical weapons - of their obligations to protect civilians," it added.
The Syrian opposition also stressed the need to take all possible measures to protect civilians in Syria and urgently open humanitarian corridors that could save thousands of Syrian lives.(end) ta.ibi KUNA 221603 Jul 13NNNN