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US confirms it didn''t made decision on loan guarantees to Tunisia

TUNIS, July 13 (KUNA) -- The US Embassy in Tunisia said Saturday that no decision has been made on loan guarantees to Tunis Tunisia in 2013.
A statement issued by the embassy said "in response to media reports indicating the United States have agreed in principle on loan guarantees to Tunisia in 2013, the issue still being discussed and the US hope discussion with the Tunisian government continues on this regard.
"The US remains a committed partner to Tunisia in this critical time amid the democratic transition period," the statement added.
The clarification by the US embassy came after local Tunisian media reported a statement issued by the Tunisian Finance Ministry after a meeting earlier between Tunisian Finance Minister Elyess Fakhfakh and US Ambassador Jacob Walles.
According to the ministry's statement, Walles agreed in principle on behalf of the US administration to continue partially with Tunisian loan guarantees for 2013. (end) nm.mb KUNA 132300 Jul 13NNNN