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Turkey denies cases of coronavirus

ANKARA, July 12 (KUNA) -- The Turkish Ministry of Health denied on Friday any confirmed cases of Coronavirus which killed a number of people in Arab and European countries in the last few months.
The ministry said in a statement, after reports of tourists suffering coronavirus in Turkey, that samples were taken from 150 tourists suspected of carrying the virus, adding that the results were negative.
The ministry noted that health officials have taken measures to face any coronavirus cases and to closely monitor health conditions in the country.
The coronavirus, which is related to the SARS virus, attacks the respiratory system in both humans and animals. According to the World Health Organization WHO, there are 49 confirmed cases of the virus, with 24 of the cases leading to death, the organization called for an urgent meeting to contain the virus.
The organization called on its members to monitor any abnormal respiratory symptoms in patients, although there are no international warnings against the virus spreading.(end) mm.ag KUNA 121638 Jul 13NNNN