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Vienna''s governor honors Muslims in Ramadan

Vienna''s governor honors Muslims in Ramadan
Vienna''s governor honors Muslims in Ramadan

By Abdelwaheb El-Gueyed

(with photos) VIENNA, July 12 (KUNA) -- Vienna State governor and Socialist Party member Michael Haupel expressed concern over the developments taking place in the Arab countries, especially in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.
The statement came during a reception ceremony Haupel hosted Wednesday evening on the occasion of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, honoring the Muslim community in Austria at the Viennese municipality district palace where Maghrib Athan was heard and prayers were performed for the 12th year in a row.
"The constant rivalry between the diverse communities for political reasons in these countries is a saddening matter of sorrow, while this holy month provides an opportunity to review one's self in order to coexist among the various sects and religions," he said in an exclusive statement to KUNA.
The experience of coexistence between the variety of religions, sects and cultures, and Muslims in particular in Austria is a great example for the nations undergoing transitional phases of difficult political and economic circumstances, he added.
He stressed that receiving members of the Muslim community in Austria reflects his country's respect to Islam as this ceremony has become an annual tradition done by the Viennese municipality, welcoming the Muslims in Vienna since 12 years.
The governor of Vienne greeted all Muslims on this occasion, expressing hope that wisdom and peace will win so that Arab and Muslim countries would live in peace, away from trouble as he cited the difficulties some may face to celebrate this holy month in Vienna, especially those whose relatives are in those countries.
Haupel stressed the importance of maintaining the spirit of friendship and harmony among the Muslims in Austria away from political disputes in their countries as Vienna remains a place of safety, coexistence, peace and love. (end) amg.ba KUNA 121042 Jul 13NNNN