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Unrest in Iraq kills 56 people, injures 120

BAGHDAD, July 2 (KUNA) -- Fifty-six Iraqis were killed and 120 others were injured in a new wave of violence and bombings in various parts of the country on Tuesday.
A security source from Baghdad operation command told KUNA that one of the biggest bombing targeted a football field at Al-Sha'la area killing 14 people and injuring 18 others.
The source added a bomb was hidden inside a box near the football field caused the explosion.
In Abu Ghraib, five Iraqis were killed and 11 others were injured when a booby-trap vehicle parked near Al-Qadaa area exploded.
Also in Abu Ghraib, an improvised bomb exploded at a military checkpoint killing two and injuring four others.
In Al-Ameriya, another car exploded in Al-Tejaar Street, killing eight people and injuring 13 others.
Meanwhile, north west of Baghdad in Al-Tuwaija area, two Iraqis were killed and 14 others were injured after a booby-trap vehicle exploded causing fire to spread to other nearby cars. (Pickup previous) mhg.mb KUNA 022324 Jul 13NNNN