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Libyan Airlines receives 1st Airbus A330 long-haul carrier

Libyan Airlines
Libyan Airlines
PARIS, June 28 (KUNA) -- Libyan Airlines has taken delivery of its first Airbus A330-200 long-haul carrier which will be used on the Middle East hub around Dubai and Jeddah, as well as on Asian and European trunk routes, Airbus said in a statement Friday.
The A330-200 has a catalogue price of USD 216.10 million and Libyan Airlines has three others on order.
In a modernisation bid, the airline is also purchasing four A350-800 planes, with a unit value of USD 254.3 million, but prices can vary depending on numbers of planes purchased, training costs, and spare parts and maintenance costs.
Libya's national airline already operates seven Airbus, mid-range A320 planes.
The A330's configuration will provide 24 business seats and 235 economy seats and Libyan Airlines is the latest operator to opt for the A330, which is in service with 100 operators with 900 of this type of aircraft being used.
Airbus said that it has so far received 1,200 orders for the A330 family of planes. (end) jk.rk KUNA 281226 Jun 13NNNN