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Jordan denies training of Syrian opposition

AMMAN, June 22 (KUNA) -- Jordanian Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Ensour Saturday brushed aside reports that Syrian opposition forces were trained on Jordanian territories.
Only Syrian refugees are in Jordan, and Amman was cooperating in the management of the refugee camps, Ensour said during a meeting with Arab and Western journalists.
Asked about the US forces in Jordan, Ensour said the troops were accompanying Patriot missile systems and the F-16 fighter jets, in addition to 200 soldiers specialized in chemical warfare.
He denied existence of American combat weapons, saying they were of defensive nature.
Ensour said the eager lion military drills with the US forces did not target Syria.
He, meanwhile, said Jordan was prepared to receive more Syrian refugees. He reiterated support for a political solution for the Syrian conflict that would preserve the country's unity and stability.
Ensour said Jordan was against the foreign intervention in Syria. (end) ab.bs KUNA 222126 Jun 13NNNN