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Rohani urges West to recognize Iran''s rights

TEHRAN, June 15 (KUNA) -- Iran's new President Hassan Rohani has called on western countries to recognize his country's rights.
In a phone call by Iranian TV, Rohani said those who really respect people's sovereignty and free dialogue should talk with "our great people" in respect, and recognize the rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran so that they could get the appropriate response.
Iran has been negotiating with major western countries for several years over Tehran's controversial nuclear program.
Rohani vowed to seek to improve his country's relations with other countries on the basis of mutual interest, and to achieve peace, security and development in the region and the world.
He thanked Iranians for participating in the country's significant presidential elections as a national and religious duty.
He opined that the Iranian people are the real winner in this election, saying this victory is a triumph for the logic of reasoning, rationality, moderation, awareness and religious commitment against extremism and immorality.
The new Iranian leader also thanked the former president Hashemi Rasfanjani and Mohammad Khatami for throwing much weight behind him.
He concluded by vowing to use the help of all efficient and experienced people to serve their nation. (pickup previous) mw.mt KUNA 152258 Jun 13NNNN