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Kuwait Towers closed due to maintenance -- TEC

Deputy Chairman of the Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) Khaled Al-Ghanim
Deputy Chairman of the Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) Khaled Al-Ghanim
KUWAIT, June 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Towers are closed for necessary maintenance that is to be conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity and Water, announced Deputy Chairman of the Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) Khaled Al-Ghanim, stressing the landmark's durability.
The rumors saying that the towers are "doomed to collapse" are untrue, Al-Ghanim told KUNA on Monday, noting that they are currently undergoing maintenance procedures implemented by the Ministry of Electricity and Water according to a timetable preset with the TEC.
The towers maintenance procedures need to be carried out by specialists during a certain period of time, he said, adding that TEC has already announced its intention of closing the towers due to general maintenance.
TEC seized the opportunity of closing down the towers in order to carry out a number of renovation works to improve the towers' interiors, glass, air-conditioning and others, he added.
He noted that TEC is responsible for determining the safety and durability of Kuwait Towers or of any of their facilities, "due to the company's extensive specialized experience in the field of project management and touristic facilities." With regard to the concrete cracks in some parts of the three towers, Al-Ghanim said that the cracks appearing on parts of the towers "are minor as they are on the outer layer and not on the concrete parts." He added that it is part of the nature of concrete buildings to have such cracks with the passage of time, pointing out that the company is coordinating with specialized companies to address and fix this issue.
TEC Deputy Chairman expressed profound gratitude to the Ministry of Electricity and Water on its role of providing the necessary assistance to all the company's facilities, including Kuwait Towers.
Kuwait Towers, overlooking the Arabian Gulf, are the most distinctive landmark in the country, which were officially inaugurated in March 1979.
The towers are built on an area of 38 square meters as the main tower is 187 meters high. (end) mjb.tb.ba KUNA 031925 Jun 13NNNN