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Kuwait praises GCC security pact

KUWAIT, May 30 (KUNA) -- The Undersecretary of Kuwait's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khaled Al-Jarallah underscored here on Thursday the importance of the GCC security agreement in addressing the security challenges faced by the six states.
"Such challenges necessitate that we be a coherent and non-penetrating security entity, and that will only be achieved through this agreement," Al-Jarallah said.
Speaking to reporters after the closing ceremony of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' fourth training session in the field of human rights, he said that "through this security agreement, there will be coordination and cooperation among GCC states to repel any security challenges in the region." In response to a question about the phone call received by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Sabah from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, in conjunction with the recent visit to Kuwait by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Al-Jarallah said that Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid briefed Kerry on the outcomes of Zebari's visit.
The undersecretary added that Zebari's visit was in the interest of the two countries, pointing out that the Iraqi Foreign Minister described the visit as "historic" at the level of relations between the two countries.
Concerning the current visit to the country by a U.S. delegation to discuss the situation of Kuwaiti detainees at Guantanamo, Al-Jarallah said the delegation was now meeting with officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressing optimism of this visit, recalling U.S. President Barack Obama's desire to shut down the prison.
"We are always optimistic for the release of Kuwaiti detainees in Guantanamo," Al-Jarallah added.
Regarding issues on the agenda of the prospective meeting of the GCC Foreign Ministers in Saudi Arabia next Sunday, the undersecretary said the meeting is a periodical gathering and issues on the agenda are well known including pushing forward the joint GCC march towards closer unification.
Asked whether the meeting will discuss the situation in Syria, he said that "everyone is focusing now on the (Geneva 2) conference, affirming support of the State of Kuwait of all efforts aimed at achieving a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis.
Asked about the measures taken by Kuwait after a report was submitted in May 2010 to the Human Rights Council which had received high praise but with some criticism about the human rights situation in Kuwait, Al-Jarallah said that "it is natural that there will be criticism and certainly we can not be perfect especially on issues such as human rights." (end) hrz.tb.tg KUNA 301636 May 13NNNN