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Israel uses snipers against Palestinian protest

RAMALLAH, May 19 (KUNA) -- Israeli Army used snipers to stop a Palestinian protest near Beit El settlement in the West bank town of Ramallah last week, Maariv newspaper said on Sunday.
A group of Palestinians from Jalazone refugee camp, which is separated from Beit El by only one street, protested against the Israeli-built West Bank fence, digging a hole in the wall, but the Israeli Army brought in snipers that used live ammunition, injuring five Palestinians.
The newspaper said the Israeli Army soldiers followed their leaders' commands to open fire, claiming the protestors were approaching the settlement.
Israeli Army complained last week that the troops were not allowed to open fire towards Palestinian protestors, especially with social networks showing a number of Israeli soldiers fleeing in Kafr Qaddum and Jalazone while being targeted with rocks by Palestinians in the past few months.
Israel had previously used snipers to stop protests in the First Intifada in 1987, and also in Al-Aqsa Intifada, killing and injuring many Palestinians.
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