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Arab League to handpick Iraq envoy

CAIRO, April 27 (KUNA) -- Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil Al-Araby is making consultations for choosing an Arab envoy for Iraq to act as a facilitator with all political leaders there, a diplomatic source said.
The Arab move mainly aims to ease out political tensions following an Iraqi army attack on a sit-in protest in southwest Kirkuk on Tuesday, which left scores of protesters and troops dead or wounded, the source, on anonymity, told reporters.
The prospective envoy for Iraq is likely to be from Egypt, the source said, voicing Al-Araby's concern over the current volatile situation in Iraq.
The chief of the Arab League had called on the Iraqi government and political groups to immediately contain the crisis triggered off by the army attack on protesters in order to wriggle out of negative reflections on the Iraqi national fabric as well as the security and stability of Iraq and the entire region.
Al-Araby had also demanded an urgent transparent investigation into the incident. (end) mfm.mt KUNA 272023 Apr 13NNNN