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National Coalition demands Hezbollah withdraw from Syria

ISTANBUL, April 22 (KUNA) -- The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces demanded on Monday that Hezbollah withdraw its forces from Syria immediately, warning that its interventions in Syria would drag the region into a devastating conflict of unpredictable proportions.
The violations and aggressions by Hezbollah in Syria must be stopped, and the group must cease bombing and storming of Syrian villages, the National Coalition said, warning of confrontations between the intruder group and Syrian opposition fighters.
The coalition also asked the Lebanese government to consider the situation very seriously and take action before it's too late, criticizing it for turning blind eye so far.
The coalition renewed calls to the international community to honor its obligation to restore peace and to condemn these violations, and urged Lebanon to tighten border control to avoid a bigger conflict.
"Due to the sensitivity of the situation on the border between Syria and Lebanon and to ensure the safety of civilians in those areas and to avoid any risk in the future, we call for utmost restraint on the part of the Free Syrian Army fighters in the western Homs region, and we urge all to respect the sovereign borders of Lebanon," the coalition said.(end) ta.ss KUNA 221315 Apr 13NNNN