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Turkey says it''s time for Mideast peace

ISTANBUL, April 12 (KUNA) -- Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday it was time to achieve peace in the Middle East.
The Palestinians and Israelis should focus on signing a border agreement in order to establish two states, Davutoglu said before Istanbul international conference for mediation.
Peace between Israel and Palestine is very important for the entire region, he added.
But, he said, without solving occupied Jerusalem issue a settlement would not be possible.
"Al-Quds (Jerusalem) should be a city of peace ... no party should have absolute control over the city ... we need a new position to solve this matter, " said Davutoglu.
On Syria, the Turkish top diplomat said the people should determine their fate because it was the sole way to address the bloody conflict.
"No one outside or inside Syria has the right to dictate what to do on the Syrian people," he said.
Davutoglu said that "we have tried for 10 months to persuade Syria President Bashar Assad not to use the army against the people ... and I personally spent seven hours with Assad discussing this issue but he did not listen to me." People in the region will be suffering from the lack of peace in Syria, he added.
Representatives from the UN, the EU, the African Uinon, NGOs and experts are participating in the conference. (end) ta.bs KUNA 130030 Apr 13NNNN