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Italy''s lingering stalemate, legacy for incoming pres. - Napolitano

By Mahdi Al-Nimr

ROME, April 12 (KUNA) -- Italian outgoing President Giorgio Napolitano on Friday blamed the differing political parties for failure to cooperate with him in forming a new government.
The political stalemate can be broken only if opposing political forces collaborate, he said, noting that his successor will inherit this deadlock.
The country is in urgent need of a new government more than two months after the general elections, but no government could be formed since the February national election left no single political force with a working majority in parliament, he regretted.
The whole matter is in the hands of the political forces which have to decide on the cabinet formation, he said, noting that his successor has to see through the process.
President Napolitano, who will end his term in office on May 15, made the comments after receiving the recommendations of the 10-member panel of wise men.
The panel, formed by him after the suspension of the consultations with the major political parties on cabinet lineup, is tasked with working out drafts for constitutional and economic reforms.
The existing constitutional rule barred him from dissolving the parliament and call for fresh parliamentary polls at the end of his term but his successor can do so after being elected.
Both chambers of the parliament are scheduled to convene a joint session on April 18 in the presence of governors of the Italian regions to elect a replacement to Napolitano. The last general elections took place on February 24-25, 2013. (end) mn.gb KUNA 122322 Apr 13NNNN