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Norwegian female, Israeli-Arab male tourists kidnapped in Egypt

CAIRO, March 22 (KUNA) -- A Norwegian female tourist and another Arab-Israeli male were kidnapped by masked gunmen in the Sinai governorate, it was announced here on Friday.
The Middle East News Agency (MENA) quoted a security source as saying that the two tourists were kidnapped while returning from the town of Taba, Egypt's busiest border crossing with neighboring Israel, towards Nuweiba in southern Sinai, by masked gunmen in three cars after they ambushed the taxi car the tourists forced them all out, including the driver and kidnapped them.
Later, the driver was let go by the gunmen, the source added, indicating that kidnappers' motive might be a bargaining to release their prosecuted relatives, who are charged with drugs case.
Moreover, it affirmed that an immediate search team was formed, in coordination with Sinai's chiefs of tribes, in order to capture the gunmen and release the kidnapped tourists. (end) zab.ma KUNA 221719 Mar 13NNNN